Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who is Sam Cooper?

He's the NEW guy in the books!  He's the boy with the ADVENTURES!  He's the fellow who wants to be your friend!

Keep an eye out for the amazing FIRST book of the Sam Cooper Adventure Series by that wonderful author, Max Elliot Anderson.  

The COVER looks like THIS:

AUGUST 1st is the day!  

Keep your eyes peeled for LOST ISLAND SMUGGLERS!

Save your allowance, your birthday money, the change you get for doing that something special for your Mom or Dad. (Or simply ask your parent if they will buy it for your home library.)

Tell your local bookstore: "PLEASE CARRY THE SAM COOPER ADVENTURES - THEY'RE GREAT!!!"  (Tell your local library the same thing.)

And STAY TUNED right here for more information on how you can become a bonafide member of 
the Sam Cooper Adventure Club for Boys and Girls!

~especially for boys and girls 7 to 14 (or older) ~